Nonprofits and EU grants [video]

Nonprofits and EU grants

Nonprofits and EU Grants : Nonprofit organisations provide a wide range of services and programmes to vulnerable individuals and communities across the European Union on a daily basis. They are structured differently in different countries but are in principle non-governmental bodies, established for a mainly social purpose, many with charitable status and either owned by the community or in trust for them. They are called many things; associations, cooperatives, mutuals, community groups, voluntary bodies, charities, social enterprises etc. However, they all provide an unseen but essential range of services to their communities of interest.

In this video Funding Master will explain how and why, nonprofit organisations should be using EU funding strategically to develop new and innovative solutions to their communities of interests and social mission. We explain the range of grants available and how a nonprofit organisation can utilise these funding programmes across a range of activities. Funding Master’s team have worked in the nonprofit sector for many years, serving at all levels including CEO, Board member, Chairperson and volunteer levels. Nonprofits and EU grants is subtitled and translated in to several European languages.

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