Tips on applying for EU Funding

Tips on applying for EU Funding [Video]

At Funding Master, our core business is developing projects for funding applications. A particular focus of our work is EU funding programmes. Early on, I did this video on ‘Tips for applying for EU Funding’. It is by far the most popular video on my YouTube Channel, (Ken Germaine) and the information is still as relevant now as ever.

Resources from Funding Master

Over the past few months we have done a series of videos and articles on enterprise, social enterprise and social innovation on the Funding Master Blog, www.fundingmaster.eu/blog. We will move on to a series of videos and articles relating to grants and making grant applications over the next few months but I thought it would be useful to bring our recent resources together.

social enterprise and social innovation

Social Enterprise and Social Innovation Video

Social Enterprise and Social Innovation are concepts that some find confusing and many find it difficult to delineate between them. This video explains the differences by using a stylised story using an animated explainer video and then explaining the differences at the end of the video. We explain the stages of the social innovation process and how social enterprise is one mainstreaming option. We also explain the difference between a concerned citizen, social innovator and a social entrepreneur.

A Practical Guide to Social Innovation

Social innovation is a process to test and mainstream successful new responses to social issues. In this guide we will outlines the innovation process that underpins social innovation and then a practical guide to the social innovation process followed by some practical comments on providing the necessary infrastructure to ensure social innovation is available to all communities.

Fiscal Policy and its Safe Use Video

Is fiscal policy economically safe? As I write this the EU Council are in the 4th day of a marathon meeting trying to agree the €750 billion rescue plan for Covid-19 and the next 7-year funding round. At its heart the debate is around the safe use of fiscal policy so I did this video to try and explain the issues and an outline for the safe use of fiscal policy.

A ‘How to Guide’ to Starting a Business

‘How to Guide’ to starting a business or setting up a new business. What is an entrepreneur, an enterprise and entrepreneurship. Discusses nascent entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, portfolio entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. General comments on setting up a business.