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Tips on Managing EU Projects

4 new information videos on grants from Funding Master

Over the last few weeks, we have published a number of new information videos aimed at specific sectors: SME, municipalities and nonprofits. We also have been running a video ad on YouTube and recently on Facebook. Here are the links to these videos. Please feel free to share these information videos to contacts who you think may benefit from them.

Nonprofits and EU grants

Nonprofits and EU grants [video]

In this video Funding Master will explain how and why, nonprofit organisations should be using EU funding strategically to develop new and innovative solutions to their communities of interests and social mission. We explain the range of grants available and how a nonprofit organisation can utilise these funding programmes across a range of activities

Municipalities and EU Funding

Municipalities and EU Funding [video]

In this video, Funding Master explains how a municipality can use EU funding as a strategic lever to co-fund innovation projects. This can work across the entire range of municipal departments. Not only does EU funding bring co-funding to projects but the requirement to collaborate with other municipalities, third-level institutions, community and voluntary organisations, business and other experts. This can result in the innovative local project being far more impactful rather than going it alone. If a municipality does not have a designated EU-funding unit then working with Funding Master could provide an effective, cost efficient way to strategically use EU funding applications to support your municipality’s work.

Tips on Managing EU Projects

SME and Grants [video]

In this video Funding Master will explain the grant system for SME. We point out that there are actually 2 sub-systems: one for start-ups and one for existing SME who want to engage in innovation. We explain that these grants are not funding for SMEs but rather funding for innovation by SMEs. We explain the Technology Readiness Scale (TRL) and how it crosses with the standard types of grants. We also explain how to overcome some of the most common mistakes that SME make when applying for funding.

Good News…even if you are working remotely/restrictions!

Grants are still open for applications! You may not be able to do everything you want. You may be limited in the number of staff you can have on-site, forced to provide services on-line, even locked-down for short periods over the next few months. BUT there is one thing you still can do…apply for grants!

Tips on Managing EU Projects

Tips on Managing EU Projects [video]

Tips on Managing EU projects: the complimentary video to our Applying for EU projects. I have been involved in running EU projects over the years and the following are my tips if you have to set up a project from scratch. It covers setting up a partnership agreement, setting up systems, setting up KPI and measurement issues, as well as, communication and engaging beneficiaries.