SME and Grants [video]

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SME and Grants: Many SME are told that there are lots of grants available to them.  This may well be true but many SME do not have designated grant people to craft, develop and submit these applications.  Many SMEs are confused by the system and come to the conclusion that it is more trouble than it is worth.  Some have applied for grants and been unsuccessful and drawn the conclusion that it is more trouble than it is worth.  Funding Master would like to show SME how to better use and access the SME grant system for innovation.

In this video Funding Master will explain the grant system for SME.  We point out that there are actually 2 sub-systems: one for start-ups and one for existing SME who want to engage in innovation.  We explain that these grants are not funding for SMEs but rather funding for innovation by SMEs.  We explain the Technology Readiness Scale (TRL) and how it crosses with the standard types of grants.  We also explain how to overcome some of the most common mistakes that SME make when applying for funding.

Funding Master works with clients to craft, develop and submit grant applications.  We work with clients on a regular basis, we help them identify priorities, we prevent them from engaging in low potential projects, we develop concept notes, find partners, write content and budgets and manage the submission process.  We effectively outsource your grant management system with a very affordable solution.

The video is for information purposes so please feel free to share with relevant contacts.

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